Note 19 Leases

The following tables of assets and liabilities relating to leases do not include the figures for Endinet as at year-end 2015.

Finance lease receivables

At year-end 2015 and 2014, Alliander had no receivables on finance leases.

Operating lease receivables

The total future minimum lease receivables from non-cancellable operating leases not shown on the face of the balance sheet are as follows: 

Operating lease receivables

At 31 December 2015, the operating leases related mainly to rental of transformers, electric vehicle charge points and the subleasing of two district heating networks to N.V. Nuon Warmte, part of N.V. Nuon Energy.

Lease obligations

Finance lease liabilities

Finance lease payables at year-end 2015 and year-end 2014 mainly related to an obligation in respect of two cross-border lease transactions (see note [2]).

The total future minimum lease obligations on operating leases were as follows:

Operating lease liabilities

Alliander has operating lease payables in respect of buildings, spaces, telecommunication interconnections and company cars.

The following table presents the costs for the year connected with operating leases.

Operating lease costs

The operating leases relate to the net amounts of minimum and contingent lease payments. The additional services relate to the services of maintenance, management, fuel , insurance and so on provided in connection with these contracts.